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build friendships and relationships, one letter at a time July 30, 2012

iwiLetter.com is the quick and easy way to send a real letter right from your computer. Write & send a real letter from anywhere you have a computer with Internet access. Just visit http://iwiLetter.com and type your letter, we’ll handle the rest; we’ll print it on recycled paper and envelopes, stuff it, stamp it with a real First-Class U.S. stamp, and drop it in the mail, all for $2.00. It’s quick, convenient and fun! Send friends, family, or business colleagues real snail mail letters without leaving home.

Why use iwiLetter?

  • Don’t have stamps or envelopes lying around? Write an iwiLetter!
  • Bad hand-writing? Send an iwiLetter!
  • Business Traveller stuck in a hotel room with a laptop but no stamps of envelopes? Write an iwiLetter!
  • Are you a Small Business owner but don’t have the time to stuff and lick envelopes, or the money to pay someone to do it for you? Mail your customers an iwiLetter!
  • College Student looking to write home or to Grandma? Send an iwiLetter!
  • Family Members looking to keep others aware of updates and new announcements (babies, weddings, anniversaries, etc.)? Send them an iwiLetter!
  • Do you simply want to make a more professional or memorable impact on someone than email? Write them an iwiLetter. Imagine the message you’ll communicate when they check their mailbox and find a letter To: Them, From: You!

iwiLetter Features:

  • We provide Sample Letters to make it quick and easy to get started. Click HERE to let us help you start writing.
  • Calendar Feature – Write your iwiLetter now, but pick a future date for it to be printed and mailed automatically.
  • Save all of your previously sent letters and addresses in your address book. Easily edit or re-write and mail letters to your contacts.
  • We use only recycled paper and envelopes.

Go ahead, right now while you’re thinking about it, Send Someone an iwiLetter now!

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Travel Through Time! September 17, 2009

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Ever wish you could travel through time?  With iwiLetter you can!  Have you ever had a letter you needed sent on a certain day, but you’re not sure you’ll remember to write it or drop it in the mail at the right time?  Don’t you wish you could travel into the future, write the letter and drop it in the mail, then return back to the present time?

iwiLetter.com can help.  iwiLetter let’s you type letters now and pick the date in the future that they’ll be sent.  Do you have a bunch of important events or birthdays coming up next month but don’t think you’ll find the time to write them at the right time?  Write them now and pick the date you want them sent and iwiLetter will print and mail them on the day you want them to go out.

It’s really easy, just visit iwiLetter.com then go to the Write a Letter page and type your letter.  Click the button to “Pick the Send Date” and complete your letter, it’ll be printed and dropped in the mail on the day you choose!

Imagine how cool it’ll be to tell your friends you just traveled into the future!


Let’s think of some of the possible uses for this “time travel” feature.
-You’ll be travelling or busy on a date that you need to sit down and write a letter.  Just do it now, and pick the date you want it sent.

-Don’t think you’ll remember to send a letter to all your friends and cousins on their birthday?  Type them all now and just pick a date a few days before their birthdays and they’ll all be amazed at your timeliness and thoughtfulness.

-Maybe you’re feeling rather production today and you want to go ahead and get some things done, like writing some letters you’ll need in the next few weeks/months.

-Surprise Yourself with a letter!  That’s right, write yourself a letter, something that will make you fell good or laugh when you read it.  Chances are, you’ll forget that you sent it, and it’ll be a nice surprise when you get it!

Remember, you can always visit our Sample Letter page to let us help you get started writing your letter.  Just pick one of our sample letters, edit it as needed, and you’re done!  We have Thank You Letters, Birthday Letters, Job Application Letters, Rejection Letters, Love Letters, Business Letters, Legal Letters, Complaint Letters, etc. to choose from.

Have fun, and see you in the future!

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