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Pictures of Letters October 31, 2010

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A Penny Saved, Can Be a Fortune Earned! February 27, 2008

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So it sounds like the price of US stamps will be going up 1 cent in May.  Here’s an article reporting the increase.  This means that instead of paying 41 cents for a stamp, you’ll be paying 42 cents to mail a letter to your loved ones or business colleagues.  iwiLetter.com will NOT be increasing the cost of sending a letter so this means you’ll be saving 1 cent everytime you send a letter using iwiLetter!

Think of the things that you can buy for 1 penny.  Here’s a list of things from Sav-On-Closeouts.com

2″ Garfield stickers
2″ Woody woodpecker Tattoos
Foam Smiley Face Rings
Plastic Graduation Toothpics
Neon Pencil-tip Erasers
Plastic Bat Rings, Decorative Fall Leaves
Glow in the Dark Spider Rings. 

The list is endless.

Heck, here’s an article from the New York Times that ponders “What Happens if a Penny is worth more than 1 cent?” due to the increased cost of metals. 

Snopes seems to confirm that a penny costs more than 1 cent to manufacture. 

You can even build wealth, 1 penny at a time.  Check out PennySleuth.com for lots of great info and ideas.   

And for all you serious coin collectors out there, a history of the US Penny can be found on Wikipedia

As you can see, you can get a LOT for 1 penny, you can probably even haggle with someone to give you 1.4 cents for a penny based on it’s perceived value due to the cost of producing it.  If you can get so much for a penny, when the cost of stamps goes up 1 cent why not save those pennies and send your next letter via iwiLetter.com since we won’t be increasing our price for sending real letters online.  After all, a penny saved, can be a Fortune earned!