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Earth Day – Recycled Paper April 24, 2008

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 Earth Day

Earth Day has just passed, and though it’s not a day we celebrate in typical “Holiday” fashion per-se, it is a day that serves as a great way to reflect on our ability as a community of people to at least be aware of and make a conscious effort to reduce the impact of our being a part of this planet, and eco-system.  It may be naive to think that 6.65 Billion (as of March 2008) people on any planet will not make some sort of impact.  However, it is not naive to think that we cannot make efforts to reduce that impact.  


iwiLetter.com ensures that we are doing our part by printing all of our letters and envelopes using recycled paper and recycled paper envelopes.  We certainly believe that sending letters is a much more personable and professional means of communicating than email, texting, faxing, smoke signals, Morse code, voice mail, carrier pigeon, etc.  So why not make sure that in addition to improving the effectiveness and influence of our letter writing customers, we’re also doing our part to improve the quality of their life and environment?  Heck, it’s political campaign season, let’s go ahead and make sure we’re “improving the quality of life and environment for our children!?!”  Wow, that felt good!


OK, back on track.  China and India, with over 1 Billion people living in each country, make over 30% of the world’s population.  With this many people in each of these two countries, it makes sense that a large number of them will find their way to the Unites States.  We are glad to have them!  They bring with them many hi-tech, manaufacturing, service and leadership skills and abilities.  They are certainly a driving force in our US economy.  They also have many family and friends still residing in their home countries that want to stay in touch with them.  Mailing a letter from India or China is very costly, and very time consuming.  It is expensive, and can take well over a week for a letter to reach the US from India or China.  By visiting iwiLetter.com from anywhere in the world someone can type their letter online and have it printed in the US on recycled paper, stuffed in a recycled paper envelope with a first-class stamp, and within 24 hours it will be mailed anywhere in the US. 


It is estimated that energy consumption is reduced by as much as 40-64% when paper is recycled (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_recycling).  When it’s understood that paper production account for nearly 40% of global wood harvesting and represents 1.2% of the world’s total economic output, it becomes clear the impact that we can each make by simply being aware of and encouraging prudent behavior. 


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