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Our “2 Cents” on Rising Stamp Prices July 24, 2009

TwoCentsSo the price of US stamps has gone up again, this increase is 2 cents per stamp.  Here’s an article reporting the 2 cent increase.  And Here’s the History of US Stamp prices.  This means that instead of paying 42 cents for a stamp, we’re now paying 44 cents to mail a letter to your loved ones, friends, family or business colleagues. You’ll also recall stamp prices going up 1 cent in May of last year as well (see our blog on that previous 1 cent increase).

It’s not too hard to get someone to give you their 2 cents on things. Here are a number of sites where people freely offer up their 2 cents on a variety of topics ranging from life, politics, media, information, marketing, food, dolls, books, race cars, public relations, and just about anything else.

My 2 Cents – musings on marketing, media, public relations….and life.

2 Cents Worth – Teaching & learning in the new information landscape.

2 Cents for Change – Give your 2 cents, get back change.

My 2 Cents – Flex programming made easy.

If you are interested in our 2 cents, here you go.  iwiLetter.com has NOT increased the cost of sending a letter so this means you save 2 cents every time you send a letter using iwiLetter!  Why not save those pennies and send your next letter via iwiLetter.com.  After all, a penny saved, can be a penny earned!

And that’s our 2 cents on this!

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Sample Letters Help You Start Writing Letters June 27, 2009

Do you ever want or need to write a few letters to someone, but have trouble getting started?   Do you have family, friends or business colleagues you just want to stay in touch with, but get writers block and struggle to even get a letter started?

Let iwiLetter.com help you get started with one of our Sample Letters.  You can choose a sample letter and edit it as much or as little as you need to personalize it, or you can just send the sample letter to your recipient as-is and be done with it.


We have a number of different sample letter categories, and a number of sample letters available within each category.

Choose from our: Love Letters, Thank You Letters, Job Application Letters, Business Letters, Rejection LettersBirthday Letters, Legal Letters, Complaint Letters, Pen Pal Letters.

Also, please feel free to Submit Your Own Letters that we can make available as Sample Letters for others to read and use!  Just click HERE to submit your letters (dis-regard the Love Letter format, we’ll receive your letter and put it into it’s appropriate category).

Send someone a letter today, send them an iwiLetter!  Get started with our Sample Letters.

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Rejection Letter writing contest ending Jan. 31st January 27, 2008

iwiLetter’s Rejection Letter writing contest is ending January 31st, so don’t miss your opportunity to write and submit your best Rejection Letter for your chance to win an 80GB iPod.  Submit your letter now at http://www.iwiLetter.com/Rejection.html and live on in Rejection Letter writing infamy.  Even if you don’t win the iPod, your letter can still be picked to become one of our sample letters for everyone to see and use. 

Also, beginning February 1st we’ll be running a Love Letter writing contest for all you Lovebirds as Valentine’s Day approaches.  So keep an eye out for that, and other exciting news, at http://www.iwiLetter.com 

Rejection Letter contest


iwiLetter’s Weblog November 19, 2007

it is what is it!


iwiLetter.com “e-we Letter” is the quick and easy way to send real letters from anywhere you have Internet access.  Just visit iwiLetter.com, type your letter and we’ll handle the rest; we’ll print, stuff, stamp, and mail your letter anywhere in the US!



College student looking to write home?  Send an iwiLetter! 

Business traveller stuck in a hotel room with no stamps or envelopes?  Send an iwiLetter! 

Can you even read your own handwriting?  Send an iwiLetter!

Family members looking to keep others aware of new announcements (babies, weddings, anniversaries, etc.)? Mail an iwiLetter!



www.iwiLetter.com – send real letters, write online


iwiLetter.com Rejection Letter writing contest!

iwiLetter.com (send real letters, write online) is sponsoring a rejection letter writing contest that provides the perfect opportunity for all of you modern day Shakespeares to gain the fame you deserve. All it takes is putting pen to paper or rather, fingers to the keyboard.

Here is how you qualify:

1 – Visit www.iwiLetter.com/Rejection.html and create your letter that speaks to the rejected (job application rejection, college rejection, sweetheart rejection, etc). 
2 – submit your entry. 
3 – Look out for the announcement of the perfect rejection letter chosen by the expert panel of those recently rejected.

The winner will receive a new 80GB iPod, the fame of being the Shakespeare of rejection letters and the distinct honor of being our first MadLetter Generator contributor (see www.iwiLetter.com or www.iwiLetter.com/Rejection.html to enter)

Remember MadLibs? We’re building a MadLetter Generator based on the winning Rejection Letter and we could be using your content to create the outline – sharing your words with the world. The MadLetter Generator will allow users to enter their own adjectives/adverbs/nouns to create their “special” version of the rejection letter that can be sent via iwiLetter.com in the mail or via email. The MadLetter Generator will be showcased on iwiLetter.com with the winning rejection letter. Look out for our winning announcement in your inbox. And for all of the other Shakespeares who may not win but are still brilliant, we’ll showcase some of our favorites online at iwiLetter.com.

Being rejected just got fun!