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longest love letter world record attempt February 25, 2012

A couple write love messages on a board as they take part in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest love letter in Bucharest on Friday during Dragobete, the traditional Romanian lovers’ day which is similar to Valentine’s Day. The previous record for the longest love letter was set in the U.S. in 2008 and involved 1,075 contributions.

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Send Your Valentine a Love Letter January 29, 2012

Can’t think of the perfect Valentine’s idea to top off those dinner reservations you have at the nicest place in town? How about sending the love of your life a letter telling him/her why they’re the love of your life?

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Write Your Sweatheart a Valentines Day Love Letter February 5, 2009



Valentine’s Day is coming up just over a week, and we all know that for many of you, this is the first thought you’ve given to the “Big Day”.  Of course you’re going to scramble to squeak in that last minute reservation at the new hip place in town.  Of course she won’t notice that the 10pm reservation was the very last one, and only one, they had available.  She’ll also probably think the “table for two” out by the valet was their most requested and hard to get table.


Dinner, in a word, is “covered”.  “Done”, “taken care of”, “whadoyoumeanIhaventthoughtaboutValentinesyet?”, “I got it under control”.  Nice work!


However, why not go all out, and get all romantic this year.  Why not send her a letter that shows her you’ve been thinking of her.  Let her know she is the Apple of your Eye, the Jewel of your Crown, the One for You! Yeah, a Love Letter sounds great!  But let us guess, you are no Danielle Steele when it comes to wordsmithing.


Dont’ worry, we’ve got you covered.  iwiLetter.com provides you with many Sample Love Letters that you can choose from.  Pick the one that seems the closest to what you are trying to say to her, then edit it to make it your own.  Or, well, just send it like it is.  Let her know that your heart is her’s, and you hope for her heart to be your’s.  Let her know that your life was like a dark night before, with only a few distant stars to light it, but that she came as a blazing comet and lit it up, rising over the horizon and streaking through.

Write your Sweatheart a Love Letter today!


Send her a Love Letter this Valentine’s Day.  Let her know you care.  Let iwiLetter.com help, let our Sample Love Letters be the prose that guides your pen….and your evening 😉







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Write Letters to Prisoners, become Pen Pals July 30, 2008

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send a letter to a prison inmate

send a letter to a prison inmate

Do you have a family member or loved one in prison that you want to communicate with?  Phone calls and visitations are few and far between so why not send them a letter?  Imagine the hours and hours alone a prisoner must spend each day.  Wouldn’t a letter from a loved one brighten up their day?  A letter is something a prison inmate can read, save, and re-read over and over again…it’s something that can remind them of home, family, friends and loved ones….something they can use to “get away” from the countless hours isolated and by themselves. 


Even if you don’t know someone currently in prison, why not become Pen Pals with a prison inmate, brighten their days and make yourself feel better in the process.  Getting to know someone in circumstances that are completely different than your own can be very interesting and rewarding. 


WriteaPrisoner.com is a site that allows people to find prisoners that have indicated they are available and interested in starting a pen pal relationship.  Some great info about becoming pen pals with an inmate can be found HERE.  There are tips for writing to prisoners, some ideas of what to write about, some expectations of what you may experience, etc.  Here’s a list of sites that help you find a Prison Pen Pal, via Yahoo! Directory.  


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