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Remeber MadLibs? MadLetter Generator Right here! May 29, 2010

Remember MadLibs?

We’ve created a MadLetter Generator that allows you to enter your own adjectives/adverbs/nouns/etc. to create your own “special” version of Letters that can be forwarded to friends or sent in the mail via iwiLetter.com.

Here’s how you get started!

1 – You can “play” one of our existing MadLetters HERE.
It’s easy:
You can choose from one of our pre-existing letters

Office Flirtation Rejection Letter

Love Letter


2 – You can create your own MadLetter from scratch HERE
Generate your own MadLetter that you can share with your friends!
– Write a story, letter or paste some text from the web.
– Put [square brackets] around words you want to be filled in during the MadLetter stage (example: John was a [cool] dude!).
– Click “Continue”
3 – You can play a MadLetter that a friend creates and sends to you, so tell all your friends to get busy writing MadLetters!
Play a MadLetter HERE!

Quick tutorials on using MadLetter

CREATING your own MadLetters


You start off with a blank canvas where you can write your own story or simply copy and paste anything that you desire.

Click “Continue”


Place [square brackets] around words you want to be filled in during the MadLetter stage (example: [Jamaica] is a lovely [place] ).

Click “Continue”


Give a hint for the type of word on each item. (example: Jamaica = place, lovely = adjective, coconuts = plant or fruit.)

Click “Finish


Your MadLetter has been generated ! You have the options of trying it out for yourself, or Emailing your MadLetter to a friend. We’ve even provided a direct URL link to your MadLetter so you can share it with others through MySpace, Facebook or IM, etc.

Have Fun and get cranking out those MadLetters!

CLICK HERE to Create your own MadLetter.

Tutorial on PLAYING an existing MadLetter


Just enter a word that best describes each “word clue” below. Your entries will be used to fill in the blanks of the MadLetter.

Click “Go”


When you’ve completed all the word clues needed, the MadLetter you’ve helped write will be revealed to you – a Letter that is unique, funny, bizarre, crazy, or just plain weird – depending upon which words you have entered. Have fun!

You can then send the completed MadLetter to friends, re-play this MadLetter, or create your own from scratch to have your friends complete!

CLICK HERE to Play an existing MadLetter.

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Interesting stories about Love Letters and Letter Writing October 30, 2009

So we come across some interesting stories, news articles and blogs about Letters and Letter Writing from time to time, and we thought it’d be good to share them here. Please feel free to blog or Tweet about them (and us!) as you see fit.
Here’s a story about a Love Letter being found in a bottle on a beach, with a locket of hair in it. It tells of a forlorn French woman who is coming to terms with her lover ending the relationship and returning to his wife. Here is a quick excerpt from the Love Letter:

”These magic moments are pure secret. The secret of life and pleasure without limits. In twenty years, it will still be here, the previous moments of happiness, when life will get dreary, we will be able to tap into these memories to remember what it is to live again.”

Link to French Love Letter in a Bottle
Here’s a Blog about the Love Letter story

On the topic of Love Letters, Here’s a Love Letter to an inanimate object, the Golden Gate Bridge…..and a quick excerpt:

” Thank you for your fast track lanes and charming gift shop. Thank you for your film and television appearances and your prominence in Sleep Train and Lexus commercials. Thank you, old friend, for the reassurance that when I hear a bridge breaks, I know it’s not you.”

Link to Love Letter to the Golden Gate Bridge

No compilation of Love Letters would be complete without Bono’s (from U2) Love Letter to America.  Excerpt:

“I don’t speak for the rest of the world. Sometimes I think I do — but as my bandmates will quickly (and loudly) point out, I don’t even speak for one small group of four musicians. But I will venture to say that in the farthest corners of the globe, the president’s words are more than a pop song people want to hear on the radio. They are lifelines.”

Link to Bono’s Love Letter to America

And finally, here’s a Love Letter mail during World War II, that finally was delivered….64 years later.  A quick excerpt:

‘Don’t get the idea I am hors de combat with an American nurse holding my hand!’

Link to WWII Love Letter

So perhaps it’s time for each of us to get busy writing that next Love Letter that will make headlines.

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