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Send Real Letters, Write Online April 29, 2009

What is iwiLetter?

iwiLetter.com is the quick and easy way to send a real letter right from your computer.  Write & send a real letter from anywhere you have a computer with Internet access.  Just visit http://iwiLetter.com and type your letter, we’ll handle the rest; we’ll print it on recycled paper and envelopes, stuff it, stamp it with a real First-Class U.S. stamp, and drop it in the mail, all for $2.00.   It’s quick, convenient and fun!  Send friends, family, or business colleagues real snail mail letters without leaving home.

Why use iwiLetter?

  • Don’t have stamps or envelopes lying around?  Write an iwiLetter! 
  • Bad hand-writing?  Send an iwiLetter! 
  • Business Traveller stuck in a hotel room with a laptop but no stamps of envelopes?  Write an iwiLetter! 
  • Are you a Small Business owner but don’t have the time to stuff and lick envelopes, or the money to pay someone to do it for you?  Mail your customers an iwiLetter! 
  • College Student looking to write home or to Grandma?  Send an iwiLetter! 
  • Family Members looking to keep others aware of updates and new announcements (babies, weddings, anniversaries, etc.)?  Send them an iwiLetter!
  • Do you simply want to make a more professional or memorable impact on someone than email?  Write them an iwiLetter.  Imagine the message you’ll communicate when they check their mailbox and find a letter To: Them, From: You!

iwiLetter Features:

  • We provide Sample Letters to make it quick and easy to get started.  Click HERE to let us help you start writing. 
  • Calendar Feature – Write your iwiLetter now, but pick a future date for it to be printed and mailed automatically. 
  • Save all of your previously sent letters and addresses in your address book.  Easily edit or re-write and mail letters to your contacts. 
  • We use only recycled paper and envelopes


Go ahead, right now while you’re thinking about it, Send Someone an iwiLetter now!


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Send a Letter, Make it Official! June 25, 2008

official document

Dealing with business issues, credit or tax issues, rental correspondence, or formal complaints? Send a letter, and make a more official statement. Phone calls and emails are easily ignored or deleted. Letters make a statement and impact.


Consider the last time you received a jury summons or court sopaena. It came as a letter, and you paid attention to it didn’t you? Coincidence? What about that IRS audit you got in the mail….you opened it and took action, right? When you want to get in touch with the Editor of your local newspaper, you sent a letter to the Editor, right? How about that $30,000 loan you just found out you are all of a sudden approved for, came as a letter right? And how did you find out whether or not you were getting an IRS Rebate check this year…..well, at least the first couple million of you until they realized mailing out a hundred million letters just to inform us about a forthercoming check cost a lot of money. Anyway, they sent out letters, didn’t they?


Emails just get deleted or lost in the sea of your thousands of other emails. Voice mails and phone calls just interupt you in the middle meeting, or you end up being “that guy” with the bluetooth ear piece walking around making everyone think you are talking to them. Face to face conversations only end with an awkward pause, or one person telling the other to go do something.


You’ve heard of the “poor man’s copyright”, right?  If you write a song, a story, a poem, or anything you want to copyright and be able to legally show that you created it on or before a certain date, just simply mail the lyrics, CD, tape or whatever it is to yourself via the US Postal Service and leave it un-opened. The Postmark Date will be on the envelope and will show that you created it’s contents on or before that date.


Next time you have something important to communicate, send them a real letter. Send them an iwiLetter!


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