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Happy Thanksgiving! November 23, 2011

iwiLetter.com hopes you and your family and friends have a great Thanksgiving. No doubt 2011 has been a challenging year for many of us, but today is a day to pause and reflect upon and be thankful for what we do have. Let’s take this opportunity to be thankful for our families and our friends.

Of course, there are also many empty seats at tables across the country today. Empty seats saved for sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and parents. Empty seats of brave Americans stationed around the world fighting to protect our American way of life. Let’s not forget to pause to give thanks to these braves folks this Thanksgiving.

If you are gathered together and need a last minute idea of something to bake, and we assume you like peanut butter, cookies and bacon, then we have you covered. Here’s a great recipe for Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies!

Enjoy the cookies, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Write Letters to Prisoners, Become Pen Pals September 30, 2011

send a letter to a prison inmate

send a letter to a prison inmate

Do you have a family member or loved one in prison that you want to communicate with? Phone calls and visitations are few and far between so why not send them a letter? Imagine the hours and hours alone a prisoner must spend each day. Wouldn’t a letter from a loved one brighten up their day? A letter is something a prison inmate can read, save, and re-read over and over again…it’s something that can remind them of home, family, friends and loved ones….something they can use to “get away” from the countless hours isolated and by themselves.

Even if you don’t know someone currently in prison, why not become Pen Pals with a prison inmate, brighten their days and make yourself feel better in the process. Getting to know someone in circumstances that are completely different than your own can be very interesting and rewarding.

WriteaPrisoner.com is a site that allows people to find prisoners that have indicated they are available and interested in starting a pen pal relationship. Some great info about becoming pen pals with an inmate can be found HERE. There are tips for writing to prisoners, some ideas of what to write about, some expectations of what you may experience, etc. Here’s a list of sites that help you find a Prison Pen Pal, via Yahoo! Directory.

iwiLetter.comsend real letters, write online to a prisoner…and become pen pals


send real letters, write online July 29, 2011

iwiLetter.com is the quick and easy way to send a real letter right from your computer. Write & send a real letter from anywhere you have a computer with Internet access. Just visit http://iwiLetter.com and type your letter, we’ll handle the rest; we’ll print it on recycled paper and envelopes, stuff it, stamp it with a real First-Class U.S. stamp, and drop it in the mail, all for $2.00. It’s quick, convenient and fun! Send friends, family, or business colleagues real snail mail letters without leaving home.

Why use iwiLetter?

  • Don’t have stamps or envelopes lying around? Write an iwiLetter!
  • Bad hand-writing? Send an iwiLetter!
  • Business Traveller stuck in a hotel room with a laptop but no stamps of envelopes? Write an iwiLetter!
  • Are you a Small Business owner but don’t have the time to stuff and lick envelopes, or the money to pay someone to do it for you? Mail your customers an iwiLetter!
  • College Student looking to write home or to Grandma? Send an iwiLetter!
  • Family Members looking to keep others aware of updates and new announcements (babies, weddings, anniversaries, etc.)? Send them an iwiLetter!
  • Do you simply want to make a more professional or memorable impact on someone than email? Write them an iwiLetter. Imagine the message you’ll communicate when they check their mailbox and find a letter To: Them, From: You!

iwiLetter Features:

  • We provide Sample Letters to make it quick and easy to get started. Click HERE to let us help you start writing.
  • Calendar Feature – Write your iwiLetter now, but pick a future date for it to be printed and mailed automatically.
  • Save all of your previously sent letters and addresses in your address book. Easily edit or re-write and mail letters to your contacts.
  • We use only recycled paper and envelopes.

Go ahead, right now while you’re thinking about it, Send Someone an iwiLetter now!

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Get Social, Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter January 28, 2011

So you’re on Facebook, your friends are too, now your Mom and even Grandma are on there as well. Facebook is a great way to say in touch and up to speed with all the people that you love, and it’s also a great way to stay up to speed with the things that you like too.


iwiLetter.com is the quick and easy way to write and send letters from your laptop (or PC). Simply visit iwiLetter.com, type your letter, and we’ll print it, stuff it, stamp it, and drop it in the mail for you. Imagine the surprise you’ll give your Mom or Grandma (or Dad, or Grandpa, or sibling, or business colleague, or housing tenant, or large corporation that needs to hear a piece of your mind, etc.) when they receive a nice letter from you in the mail, instead of an IM over Facebook.


So, in addition to all your family and friends, go ahead and¬†“Like” us and keep track of us on Facebook




…and follow us on Twitter














Send someone a letter today, send them an iwiLetter!





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Santa Letters – Send Letters “from Santa” to your Child! November 30, 2010

Searching for that last perfect present for your child(ren) this Holiday Season? Not finding anything that’s meaningful for them without spending a thousand dollars for that pony or dirt-bike? Send them a real letter from Santa Claus! Visit iwiLetter.com and type the letter as if Santa had personally written it to your child, select “North Pole, Alaska” as the return address on the envelope and we’ll print it, stuff the envelope, and drop it in the mail for you arriving in your mailbox in time for Christmas!

Imagine the surprise on their face when they open the mailbox and find a letter addressed To: “THEM”, From: “Santa”! Maybe Santa will ask them if they’ve been naughty or nice this past year. Maybe Santa will let them know he is packing his sleigh, checking his list, and preparing the reindeer for the trip to your house in a few weeks. Maybe Santa can let your kids know that they need to be on their best behavior to make sure he stops by your house this year ūüėČ

It’s quick, easy, and only $2. Simply visit iwiLetter.com and type the letter you want your children to receive “from Santa”. Address the envelope to your home address, choose 101 St. Nicholas Drive, North Pole, AK 99705 as the return address (or whatever return address you want…current iwiLetter users, just click “My Account”, then “Edit Account Info” to change your Return Address) , then complete your order. We’ll print it, stuff the envelope, stamp it with a First-Class U.S. stamp, and drop it in the mail….all within 24 hours.

Send a letter “from Santa Claus” to your children today. Visit iwiLetter.com, where you can send real letters (from Santa), write online.

Write your letter “From Santa” now!

iwiLetter.comsend real letters, write online (from Santa this Christmas)

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Don’t forget to change you return address back to your own address afterward, unless you want your friends, family and business associates getting letters “from” the North Pole!


enviar cartas reales, escribir en l√≠nea August 30, 2010

iwiLetter.com es la manera r√°pida y f√°cil de enviar cartas real desde cualquier lugar donde disponga de acceso a Internet a alguien en los Estados Unidos. Basta con visitar iwiLetter.com, escribe tu carta y vamos a manejar el resto, vamos a imprimirlo, rellenarlo en el sobre, sello con un First Class EE.UU. sello, y env√≠e por correo su carta en cualquier lugar en los Estados Unidos! Escriba su carta en espa√Īol o en Ingl√©s, ser√° impreso y enviado tal y como aparece en su ordenador.

¬ŅTienes un familiar o ser querido en los Estados Unidos que usted desea comunicarse con? Las llamadas telef√≥nicas y las visitas son pocos y as√≠ que ¬Ņpor qu√© no escribir y correo una carta de ellos? Imag√≠nese las horas y horas alejados unos de otros que pasan cada d√≠a. No una carta de un ser querido alegrar su d√≠a? Una carta es algo que puede leer, guardar y volver a leer una y otra vez … es algo que pueda recordar de ellos de origen, familia, amigos y seres queridos …. algo que puede utilizar para recordarles de casa y olvidarse de distancia de su casa por un tiempo.

Recuerde, usted tambi√©n puede visitar nuestra p√°gina Ejemplo de Carta a dejar que nos ayudan a obtener comenc√© a escribir su carta. Elige uno de nuestros modelos de cartas, editarlo, seg√ļn sea necesario, y ya est√°! Hemos Thank You Letters, Brithday Cartas, cartas de solicitud de empleo, el rechazo Cartas, cartas de amor, cartas comerciales, cartas Legal, Quejas Cartas, etc para elegir.

¬ŅTiene usted un miembro de la familia en los Estados Unidos que le gustar√≠a comunicarse con? Enviar a un iwiLetter!
¬ŅNo tiene sellos o sobres disponibles para usted? Escriba un iwiLetter!
Colegio estudiante busca casa a escribir? Enviar un iwiLetter!
Business Traveller atrapado en una habitación de hotel sin estampillas o sobres? Enviar un iwiLetter!
Los miembros de la familia que buscan mantener a otros acerca de las nuevas convocatorias (bebés, bodas, aniversarios, etc)? Enviar un iwiLetter!
¬ŅSe puede incluso leer su propia escritura? Enviar un iwiLetter!

Escriba su carta en espa√Īol o en Ingl√©s, ser√° impreso y enviado tal y como aparece en su ordenador. Aqu√≠ (http://www.google.com/language_tools) es un gran sitio web que puede ayudarle a traducir y entender algunas de las palabras en Ingl√©s iwiLetter.com.

iwiLetter.com Рenviar cartas reales, escribir en línea


Happy Holidays!!! December 24, 2009

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Happy Holidays from iwiLetter. It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of 2009 and 2010 is almost upon us!?!

This Season take the time to write a letter to Family & Friends. Warm their spirits, recap the events of your exciting year, let them know you are looking forward to seeing them soon, or perhaps just let them know you are thinking of them this Holiday Season.

Imagine the joy when they open their mailbox and see your letter addressed To: “THEM”, From: “YOU”!!!

for only $2 we will:
-mail your Holiday Letters to family and friends this season!

Sure, e-mail gets your message there, but there is nothing as personal or heart-warming as an old-fashioned letter. And iwiLetter.com makes it so convenient!

Just visit iwiLetter.com and type your letter(s). We’ll print it on a high quality & recycled piece of paper, stuff it in a real non-windowed envelope, stamp it with a First-class U.S. stamp, and mail your letter within 24 hours, to ensure a prompt USPS delivery.

Write your letter now!

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