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Common Errors with the English Language April 30, 2011

So, you know when you are writing letters to your Congressman (or Congresswoman) to tell them you think some of your state laws are all wrong, and you can’t decide whether or not to use “backward”, or “backwards”? You feel the people representing you need to have more “sympathy” for the voters in the district. Or maybe it’s “empathy”? Or, perhaps you are writing them to ask when they will be writing their “biography”, or is it “autobiography”?

Well, here’s a site that addresses all of these confusing issues and shows you the correct way to use these words, and many more:

And just so you know, as an adverb, either word will do: “put the shirt on backward” or “put the shirt on backwards.” However, as an adjective, only “backward” will do: “a backward glance.” When in doubt, use “backward.”

Oh, and it’s properly pronounced as “new-clee-er”, NOT “nook-you-ler”!?

So take these lessons and write and send someone a letter today, send them an iwiLetter!

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