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Letter Writing for Trains! January 22, 2010

In response to growing demand from California residents for a statewide grassroots group focused solely on supporting the California High Speed Rail (HSR) project approved by voters in November 2008, Californians For High Speed Rail (CA4HSR) today announced it is launching a statewide effort to bring together individual supporters of the HSR project to provide a stronger and louder collective voice in support of HSR.

Read the entire article here.

They are writing letters to support their cause to get the train project back on track.

Through social media tools, our action alerts, letter writing campaigns to legislators, pledge campaigns, local advocacy teams and public events, CA4HSR strives to expand broad grassroots support for HSR.

There is a petition to “Keep Fighting for HSR”: CA4HSR is collecting signatures from pro-HSR Californians to deliver a “keep fighting for HSR” letter to the State Senate Transportation Committee here: http://www.ca4hsr.org/advocacy/sign-the-hsr-needs-your-help-letter/

They are also planning a letter-writing campaign and asking our members to join us in advocating for sufficient federal funding for HSR and for California’s HSR project.

You see writing letters is an effective way to build up steam for a cause, power things forward, and keep the train on it’s tracks.

Write your letter now!

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