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Our “2 Cents” on Rising Stamp Prices July 24, 2009

TwoCentsSo the price of US stamps has gone up again, this increase is 2 cents per stamp.  Here’s an article reporting the 2 cent increase.  And Here’s the History of US Stamp prices.  This means that instead of paying 42 cents for a stamp, we’re now paying 44 cents to mail a letter to your loved ones, friends, family or business colleagues. You’ll also recall stamp prices going up 1 cent in May of last year as well (see our blog on that previous 1 cent increase).

It’s not too hard to get someone to give you their 2 cents on things. Here are a number of sites where people freely offer up their 2 cents on a variety of topics ranging from life, politics, media, information, marketing, food, dolls, books, race cars, public relations, and just about anything else.

My 2 Cents – musings on marketing, media, public relations….and life.

2 Cents Worth – Teaching & learning in the new information landscape.

2 Cents for Change – Give your 2 cents, get back change.

My 2 Cents – Flex programming made easy.

If you are interested in our 2 cents, here you go.  iwiLetter.com has NOT increased the cost of sending a letter so this means you save 2 cents every time you send a letter using iwiLetter!  Why not save those pennies and send your next letter via iwiLetter.com.  After all, a penny saved, can be a penny earned!

And that’s our 2 cents on this!

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