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Send Mom a Letter for Mother’s Day May 5, 2009

mothersdaygiftSo Mother’s Day is coming up just under a week from now. We know you already have the flowers ordered and taken care of, and maybe even a nice dinner plan for Mom. But why not put into words the Love you feel for Mom
this Mother’s Day.


Visit iwiLetter.com and Write Mom a letter and let her know you are thankful for the 9 months and labor pains she endured for you. Let her know you’ve always appreciated the love and guidance she’s shown you all these years, and how fondly you look back at all the memories of growing up. Let her know how pretty she is, and how good her cooking has always been, and how thankful you are that she is your Mother.


While you’re at it, maybe let her know you wish you could take back some of those things you did in Jr. High and High-school, and those late nights she waited up all night for you to come home. Now may also be a good time to let her know you were the one that broke her prized vase, she’s known all these years that the cat never broke it. Perhaps now would be a good time to explain how the car mysteriously was damaged “while sitting in the garage” and those strange “wrong number” calls from the Police way back when. Heck, go ahead and let her know your own kids and now exacting revenge on you for all that you put your Mother through for so many years.


Mother’s Day, a time to let her know you Love her, and try to figure out why she still loves you.


Send a Letter to Mom Now!



Moms, maybe if you send a little hint to your son, daughter, hubby, or someone else, you might receive a nice letter from them this Mother’s Day!


Have a Great Mother’s Day, we Love You Moms!