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Send Real “Snail” Mail From Your Computer January 29, 2009

iwiLetter.com encourages you to send “snail mail” to your friends, family, and business colleagues.  Really, it’s real physical snail mail, mail sent by actual snails!  Boredom Research has created “RealSnailMail” http://www.boredomresearch.net/rsm/index.html, a service (ok, maybe “experiment” is a more accurate word than “service”) where little snails are equipped with a tiny electronic cicruit and antenna that receives messages.  Users type a message right from their computer, that message is transmitted to one of several different snails, and then the waiting begins.  Then the waiting continues, and continues.  The waiting lasts until the snail finds it’s way across it’s living space to a “drop off” dispatch center receiver where the message is then electronically retrieved and sent along it’s way to the recipients email inbox. 


What a novel concept, snail mail moving at a snail’s pace!  You see, iwiLetter.com is not the only one out there using technology to make snail mail a reality for all of us in this increasingly fast paced and technical world. 

Check out more innovative projects by Boredom Research at BoredomResearch.net


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