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Write a Letter Home this Holiday Season December 17, 2008

This Season take the time to write a letter to Family & Friends. Warm their spirits, recap the events of your exciting year, let them know you are looking forward to seeing them soon, or perhaps just let them know you are thinking of them this Holiday Season.

Imagine the joy when they open their mailbox and see your letter addressed To: “THEM”, From: “YOU”!!!

for only $2 we will:
-mail your Holiday Letters to family and friends this season!

Sure, e-mail gets your message there, but there is nothing as personal or heart-warming as an old-fashioned letter. And iwiLetter.com makes it so convenient!

Just visit iwiLetter.com and type your letter(s). We’ll print it on a high quality & recycled piece of paper, stuff it in a real non-windowed envelope, stamp it with a First-class U.S. stamp, and mail your letter within 24 hours, to ensure a prompt USPS delivery.

Write your letter now!



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