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Remember When? March 25, 2008

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Remember years ago when it used to be exciting when you got an email?  You sat down at your computer and it told you, “you’ve got mail”, and you said, “oh man look, someone sent me an email!”  You couldn’t wait to open, read and respond to it.  It was exciting, it was fun, it was new.  However, time has passed, and the number of emails you now get every day has grown unmanageable.  What used to be cool and fun to get, now becomes, “oh no!  ANOTHER email I need to deal with”.  And this is AFTER you have all your spam and junk mail siphoned off.

Later in the day, you head out to your mailbox to see if your new Netflix has arrived.  Yo get your mail and start going through it, “bill, bill, Netflix, credit card offer, credit card offer, Chinese menu, bill, bill, LETTER – to: ME, from: SOMEONE I KNOW!”  That’s the first thing you open up!  It’s then that you remember that you LOVE getting a letter from someone, and you realize that it’s as simple as sending a letter to give someone else that same feeling of being loved, remembered, cared for, thought about, in love with, felt worthy of, important enough, etc. to send them a letter.

To say something in a letter; it just communicates more love to a family member or lover, shows more thought to someone that’s been on your mind lately, creates more worth and value to an important customer, thanks someone more deeply, or commands more importance to a business colleague.  And yes, a Letter will make you seem smarter than you really are!

OK, so you want to send someone a letter and give them that same joy you just experienced.  Do you have a stamp lying around?  What about an envelope?  You know stamp prices keep going up, right?  Are the stamps you have still the right price?  Are you going to hand write this letter?  Can YOU read your own handwriting?  Will someone else be able to?  OK, so let’s type and print a letter…..oh wait, your printer doesn’t have anymore ink does it? 

Well, you’re already sitting at your computer.  Go ahead and visit iwiLetter.com, where you can “send real letters, write online”.  That’s right, just visit iwiLetter.com and type your letter, we’ll handle the rest.  We’ll print, stuff, stamp and mail your letter anywhere in the US!  We even have a growing collection of sample letters (Love Letters, Thank You Letters, Business Letters, Happy Birthday Letters, etc) to help you get started writing!



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