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iwiLetter.com can be your personal Santa’s Helper! December 22, 2007

Christmas is almost upon us once again, and you know what that means.  It’s a chance to see family again; a chance to catch up with the friends that you keep telling “this year we’ll make it a point to talk more often”; it’s a chance to reflect on the year that’s just passed, and think about the one ahead; a chance to take some much needed down time and relax by a fire; it’s a chance to sleep in just a little for once; and it’s a chance to give and receive some great gifts. 

Christmas may also bring with it some things that you’re not really looking forward to.  It may mean you’ll get stuck in traffic as last minute shoppers rush to complete their shopping lists; it can mean you’ll have to cram into stores with way too many people to buy that one gift that you just have to get; it means you’ll have to wait in line just for the opportunity of paying a marked up price knowing that it’ll be much cheaper if you only wait until the week after Christmas; it can mean you’ll likely have to wait on a delayed flight and fight through some stormy weather to get home; it may mean you’ll struggle with that inability to just “shut off” from work and relax; and it means that you’ll have to eat way too many little dolled up candy creations of all sorts that people create and force you to eat (wait, is that a bad thing?!). 

When Christmas is all done and you’re sitting back with some eggnog looking at all the nice gifts you’ve received, you’re almost at the point of peace because all is perfect in your little world.  But then you’ll come to the dreaded realization that you promised yourself that you’d write Thank You Notes this year……NOOOOOOO!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t worry, we can help!  Look at iwiLetter as your personal little Santa’s Helper of sorts.  You know that you don’t even have any stamps or envelopes lying around to send your Thank You Notes.  You probably have no idea what to write in each Thank You Note, and even if you did, writing and re-writing each Thank You Note will take hours.  You know that even once you do write them, nobody will be able to read your handwriting. 

iwiLetter can help with all of these things!  Just visit iwiLetter.com and type your Thank You Note or Letter, and we’ll handle the rest.  We’ll print, stuff, stamp, and mail your Thank You Letters anywhere in the US.  We even have some sample Thank You Notes/Letters that you can start with and edit to your liking – http://iwiletter.com/loadsampleletter.html .  After you send your first letter, it’s saved right in your account and you’ll be able to easily tweak it to individualize your next Thank You Note.  You can even write your Thank You Letters on your laptop now before Christmas while waiting at the airport, and pick the date that you want it sent! 

You see, Christmas is a great time of year, and a great Holiday.  But it can also bring a lot of hard work.  Let us help you with this small yet tedious and time consuming part of it.  Heck, you might even save enough time to get started on your New Year’s resolutions!  So remember to visit us at www.iwiLetter.com this holiday season.

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